Salamba Sarvangasana

In English this yoga pose is called the shoulder stand, and it serves to stimulate hormone secretions and increase nutrient absorption. It should be immediately followed by the serpent pose. The shoulder stand is recommended for soothing the nerves, reducing irritability and insomnia, and increase joy and happiness. Experts caution that those with heart (including high blood pressure), ear, or sinus problems should not practice this pose.1

How to do it:1

  • Begin by lying flat on your back with legs together and hands palm down on the floor.
  • After a few deep breaths, inhale and bend knees to thighs.
  • While exhaling raise hips at a 45° angle off the floor and using your hands to support your butt.
  • Moving your hand support to the lower back, keep raising the lower body until at a 90° angle off the floor. Inhale.
  • While exhaling, raise the legs and point them toes up to the sky, aligning your legs straight with your lower body. Your chin will be locked to your chest and you will be essentially resting the weight of your body on your shoulders and your upper harms, with your hands bracing your back.
  • Breathe naturally, and while on an exhale slowly lower your body and legs down to the starting position. Move into the serpent pose:
    • Roll onto the stomach with move hands up to the shoulders, palms down on the floor.
    • While inhaling, lift the head and upper body gently off the floor (using the back muscles) until back is curved.
    • Exhale and slowly lower body back to the floor.
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