Bhramari Kumbhaka (Humming Bee Breath)
This Ayurveda technique will help relieve stress, anger, insomnia, and anxiety.

This breath should be practiced before meditation or sleep and helps relieve mental tension, anger, insomnia, and anxiety.1

How to do it:1

  • Sit on the floor or other flat surface with legs crossed, feet resting on legs.
  • With eyes closed, chin tucked to chest, and body posture erect, inhale through the nose slowly and deeply.
  • Using your fingers, block yours ears by pushing the outer ear inward.
  • Exhale, making a low-pitched and soft humming noise.
  • Bring the hands to the knees when you have finished exhaling and breathe naturally.
  • Repeat 10-20 times, concentrating on hearing your breath and any subtle sounds.
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