Nutrition and Stress

In Ayurveda, nutrition can be used to help beat stress by:1

  • Pacifying doshas
  • Building ojas
  • Treating nutritional deficiencies

Each food is associated with one or more of the six tastes that Ayurveda associates with both a specific emotion and dosha. Since excess vata is primarily associated with stress and nervous disorders, to reduce or alleviate these experts recommend balancing vata by adding sweet, sour, and salty tastes.1

In addition to specific dosha pacifying diets , foods can also help build ojas and bring the system back into balance. Ojas building foods include milk, yogurt, ghee, sugar, maple syrup, raw honey, almonds, and sesame seeds.1

Also known as clarified butter, ghee is butter with the milk solids removed. You can easily make at home by simmering
butter until it the white solids start to separate and skim them off ghee from top.
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