Gotu Kola Herb for Stress
Ayurveda recommends gotu kola as an herb to reduce stress.

Also called brahmi in Ayurveda, gotu kola (Centella asiatica) is considered a nervine herb that is believed to have qualities that help relieve anxiety and soothe the nervous system. Animal studies show that it suppresses depression corticosterone levels, and has been used to stabilize mood.48 Since a number of research studies have demonstrated the link between increased corticosterone levels induced by stress and then leading to worsening psychological conditions, this is an important potential benefit.81

There are a number of current studies on gotu kola for a variety of conditions. A recent small clinical trial investigated the effects of gotu kola on patients with generalized anxiety disorder. It found that two months of gotu kola treatment consisting of 500 mg twice a day not only relieved anxiety but also significantly reduced stress and depression in the study participants. The effectiveness of the gotu kola supplements and the fact that it did not cause any adverse side effects suggest it may be a viable natural herbal remedy for stress and anxiety.24

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