Herbal Supplements for Weight Loss

One study done at the Obesity Clinic in the Nanal Hospital in Pune, India, found that groups of participants taking an Ayurvedic herbal preparation known as Triphala Guggulu, with no change in diet, experienced a statistically significant loss in body weight. Cholesterol levels were also reduced in these patients. Triphala, derived from three different fruits, is a well-known purifier and diuretic. Guggulu, the gum from myrrh trees, was also used, and is well-known for increasing metabolism.86

Most well-known Ayurvedic herbs for weight loss enhance digestion, metabolism, and waste elimination. The Chopra Center recommends a blend called Trikatu, a combination of black pepper, long pepper and dry ginger, for enhanced digestion. For speeding up tissue metabolism, the Center recommends Trimada, a combination of chitrak, vidanga, and musta. To encourage healthy elimination, Triphala is also recommended, and made from a combination of amalaki, bibhitaki, and haritaki.88

Also known as Plumbago or White leadwort, this evergreen shrub grows wild in the Indian subcontinent.
A fruit from the Embelia ribes plant, it is commonly used to remove intestinal worms and parasites.
Commonly known as Nutgrass, or Cyperus rotunda, musta is an astringent herb, commonly used to treat menstrual disorders.
3 different tropical fruits.
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