Ayurvedic Techniques for Weight Loss
  • Write down any changes that may have had an effect on your weight, including different eating habits or medications, illness, and other lifestyle stressors.87
  • Always consult with an Ayurvedic Practitioner to determine your personal dosha in order to create an optimal food program. One three-month retrospective study on 200 obese adults found that Ayurvedic constitution-based diets could contribute to weight loss. These diets took into consideration the personality and mental characteristics, as well as individual physical characteristics.89
  • Eat slowly, enjoy your food, and eat with awareness of the type and quality of the food.87
  • Eat in a pleasant environment and never while experiencing disturbing emotions.87
  • Avoid watching television while eating. Stay mindful to when your body tells you it is full.87
  • Always eat breakfast, if possible, before 8 a.m.87
  • Get plenty of exercise, according to your constitution. The ancient Ayurvedic texts recommend brisk walking in the morning or evening. Yoga at dawn is also recommended, particularly Sun Salutations.90
  • Make lunch your heaviest meal of the day since this is the time when our metabolism is highest, and also allows plenty of time to fully digest the food we take in before sleeping at night.87
  • Eat warm, cooked foods. Cold foods suppress digestion and can lead to toxic build-up and weight gain.87
  • Avoid sweet and heavy foods like candies, baked goods, deserts and heavy dairy products. Lighter foods can promote weight loss over time.87
  • Avoid people who frequently overeat, and remember that setting a good nutritional example for your children, other family members, or friends can help all of you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.87
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