Stress Depletes Ojas
Ojas is a a natural energy that in Ayurveda may relate to pineal gland secretions.

Ojas is referred to as the sap of life, and is believed by some Ayurveda experts to refer to secretions from the pineal gland in the brain and directly affects vitality. Physical stressors (e.g., excess work, loud music, exposure to the high-tech gadgets of modern life, poor diet, and lack of sleep) can quickly deplete ojas and negatively affect the function of our immune systems. Mental stresses from worry, fear, anger, and impatience also lowers ojas, leaving us depleted, lethargic, and burnt out. Ayurveda believes that a weakened immune system resulting from ojas-depleting physical and mental stress is the primary cause of all illness. Ojas is preserved by following a lifestyle that avoids overindulgence, includes rest and relaxation and reinforces self-love.1

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