Yoga Tips to Help Prevent and Get Rid of Wrinkles

Ayurveda_YogaStick your tongue out! While it may seem a bit odd, sticking out your tongue or making yawning or other exaggerated facial expressions can loosen the tension in your face believed to contribute to wrinkles. 1

If you can achieve the full lotus position in yoga, try the Maha Bheda Mudra (the great piercing position) as a rejuvenation technique thought to help remove wrinkles. It is believed to work by stimulating anti-aging hormones from the pineal and pituitary glands. 1

How to do it: 1

  1. In the full lotus position, close your eyes and relax, with hands palm-down on the floor next to the outer thighs.
  2. Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose and hold your breath while tucking chin into the chest.
  3. Resting weight on your hands, lift your butt slightly off the floor and gently bounce up and down against the floor 3-7 times. Be sure to keep holding your breath and keep your spine straight.
  4. Exhale slowly and rest until breathing normally (1-2 minutes).
  5. Repeat two more times.
Sitting on a flat surface (e.g., floor or mat) with legs bent and crossed and
feet placed on top of opposite thigh soles up.
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