Sweating it Out

Pinda sveda is a sweating technique in Ayurvedic natural medicine used in traditional pancha karma as a cleansing procedure to detoxify the body. It is often used treat vata disorders like wrinkles. Sweating (through pinda sveda or other methods) is commonly used to help prevent wrinkles because deficient perspiration dries the skin and retains toxicities, causing lines to form. Not only does sweating help purify the skin, it also increases pitta and improves blood circulation—all useful in preventing wrinkles.1

This rejuvenation technique makes use of a decoction of bala root mixed with milk and crushed rice, which causes the entire body to perspire.1 Bala root (Sida cordifolia) is an herb used in the medicinal oil narayana taila, and has components that are reported to boost the immune system, increase blood circulation, and stimulate growth of healthy cells.71 It can be found in its whole root form online at Amazon.com.

Application of the decoction is typically preceded by a massage with herbal oils, and is followed by an herbal bath in a soothing environment.1

Herb-infused liquid left after boiling parts of whole herbs and straining.
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