Soothing Facial Massage

Ayurveda_MassageAyurvedic facial massage is employed to help moisturize the skin and uplift the face. Facial massage techniques often involve herbal steams, scrubs, and masks but are also performed on their own with reportedly good results. Typically an Ayurvedic practitioner will apply pressure to different parts of the face to help relieve facial tension and smooth out wrinkles.68

Almond oil is a particularly good facial massage oil for stretch marks and wrinkle reduction as it pacifies vata. 15 Ghee, sesame and avocado oils are other common base oils helpful for people with vata doshas who may be more prone to wrinkles.1

Herbs frequently found in facial massage oils for wrinkles include fennel, lavender, rose, frankincense, and cypress.1 Frankincense is known to contain anti-inflammatory components,71 and the essential oil is readily available online. It is also used to soothe aggravated vata doshas in aromatherapy.15 Clinical research shows that lavender oil added to bath water and aromatherapy improves mood and reduces stress.72

Other studies indicate that both fennel and lavender oil have estrogenic and muscle relaxant properties.72-73 Oral estrogen use is linked to decreased risk of wrinkles because it stimulates collagen production, while topically progesterone, a related hormone, is associated with increased skin elasticity.69

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