Diet, Dosha, and Wrinkles

Vata doshas have a tendency toward dry skin, which is also one of the symptoms of excess vata. Dry skin makes it easier for wrinkles to form. Vata dosha therapies and skin care are recommended to help moisturize the skin and prevent and treat wrinkles.1,68

Vata conditions are also more prominent in the autumn months and vata pacifying skin care regimes become more important during this time.1

Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of nutrition in maintaining dosha balance or correcting imbalances. Since wrinkles are typically related to the vata dosha or excesses in the vata dosha, following a vata-pacifying diet will help prevent and treat wrinkles.1 Foods that decrease vata include almonds, sweet fruits, cooked vegetables, butter, cheese, beef, eggs, and fish.70 Although most beans should be avoided, red lentils, tofu, and mung beans are fine if in small amounts and cooked with warming herbs like ginger and garlic.15 Recommended grains and cereals include oats, any rice, and whole wheat pasta.15 Sweet and warming or spicy herbal teas and almond milk are good choices in beverages.15


Avoid excess salt if you are a vata dosha or are experiencing wrinkles (an excess of vata). Eating too much salty-tasting foods will aggravate vata, causing dry skin and wrinkles.1 The same caution applies to vata-increasing foods like uncooked dried or bitter citrus fruit, raw vegetables, potatoes, granola, popcorn, barley, rye, most legumes, and or ice-cream.15,70 Stay away from cold beverages and coffee.15

Lemons, limes, and cranberries are good examples of these.
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