Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment Options for Cancer
Herbs used in Ayurveda traditional medicine may help fight cancer.

Evidence continues to mount supporting the traditional use of Ayurvedic herbs as potent alternative treatment and prevention options against cancer:

  • Guggul. Laboratory research suggests that gugulipid extract (from guggul) may be effective against androgen-dependent and independent human prostate cancer cell lines. 30
  • Turmeric. Although a review of turmeric on the Tufts Medical Center site downplays the anti-cancer effects of turmeric and curcumin by only mentioning “animal and test tube studies,” in fact there are a number of small human clinical trials indicate that the curcumin in turmeric may be a powerful anti-cancer agent. 31,43
  • Frankincense (Boswellia serrata). Preliminary clinical trials suggest that frankincense can decrease symptoms associated with incurable brain tumors.27

Results of one non-randomized Phase II trial published in 2008 in a peer reviewed journal published by the American Association for Cancer Research suggests that curcumin is beneficial in some patients with a particularly lethal cancer—pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Most patients with this type of pancreatic cancer die within a year. This study documented the effects of oral intake of eight grams of curcumin daily, showing that one patient of the 21 eligible for evaluation achieved slow improvement over a year and was still alive 18 months later at the time the report was written, and another had a short-lived but significant 73% reduction in tumor size. 32

Malignant glioma
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