Nutrition and Hair Loss
According to Ayurveda traditional medicine, nutrition plays an important role in hair health and vitamin deficiencies can cause hair loss.

A number of nutritional deficiencies have been linked to thinning or weak hair, hair loss, and loss of hair color in Ayurveda.1

To help prevent and treat specific nutritional deficiencies, include the following food in your daily diet:1

Deficiency Can Cause1
Good Food Sources
Hair thinning and balding
Brewer’s yeast, cauliflower, avocado,
cheese, liver, cooked eggs,
salmon, cooked pork91
Weak hair
Milk, yogurt, cheese, white
beans, tofu, Chinese cabbage,
rhubarb, spinach92
Premature grey hair
Eggs, organ meats, wheat germ,
beef, codfish, Brussels sprouts,
Loss of hair color
Calf’s liver, crimini
mushrooms, seeds,
cashews, greens, garbanzo
and navy beans, eggplant,
asparagus, soybeans94
Folic acid
(vitamin B9 or
Hair loss
Legumes (e.g., lentils,
pinto, and garbanzo, navy,
black, and kidney beans) spinach,
asparagus, oranges, greens, beets,
romaine lettuce, calf’s liver,
Hair loss
Citrus fruits, beans, whole
grains, nuts96
Dry, brittle hair
Soybeans, lentils, spinach,
seeds, beef, venison,
tofu, cinnamon, turmeric,
romaine lettuce, Swiss chard,
black molasses, basil, thyme97
(para-aminobenzoic acid)
Premature grey hair
Grains, meats98
Pantothenic Acid
(vitamin B5)
Hair loss
Mushrooms, cauliflower,
corn, broccoli, calf’s liver,
yogurt, greens, seeds,
(vitamin B2)
Hair loss
Mushrooms, spinach, milk,
liver, beef, soybeans100
Vitamin D
Weak hair
Salmon, sardines, shrimp,
cod, eggs101
Hair loss
Sesame and pumpkin seeds,
yogurt, green peas, beef,
lamb, calf’s liver, crimini
mushrooms, spinach, turkey102
Unofficially referred to as vitamin B8.
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