Hair Oils and Head Massage for Hair Loss

Ayurveda_Hair_LossHead and hair oil therapies are used to prevent or treat hair loss and grey hair. The practice of picu, which involves wrapping an oil-soaked cloth over the head, is one such therapy often employed in Ayurveda to help prevent hair loss. Shiro basti involves soaking the hair and scalp in medicated oils for a dosha-determined length of time. The oils are secured to the top of the head in a plastic container, with a whole grain dough and paste around the edge to keep the oil from leaking out from under the container. Used to help prevent thinning or greying hair and baldness, it strengthens the hair root and improves hair texture. Vata imbalance is often treated with sesame, coconut, and canola oils while for pitta sunflower, coconut, or brahmi oils are recommended.1

For head massage, warm the oil and herbal mixture to help it penetrate better. Massage into the hair, brush through with a natural bristle or nylon brush, and then wrap the hair in a warm towel.68

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